Insurance Brokers

Axis is an Underwriting Agency and Wholesaler providing solutions and alternate markets to General Insurance Brokers for hard to place risk and niche products.

Our underwriters pride themselves on their responsive approach and their willingness to assess each risk on its merits.

Our job is to help insurance brokers get their clients the cover they need.  To ensure each risk gets our attention, insurance brokers should provide underwriting submissions which are comprehensive and accurate.

Here is a quick checklist for insurance brokers to refer to when preparing an underwriting submission:

  • Prepare an underwriting slip containing the insured’s name, construction details, location, security and due date of policy
  • List the covers required by the insured.  Not all insurers give the same automatic inclusions
  • If machinery is required, provide details of the machinery
  • For EPS risks, describe the building and the percentage of EPS
  • Provide claims history with supporting documentation and/or risk management procedures being set in place to improve outcomes
  • Provide photos
  • Detail reasons why you are having difficulty placing the risk
  • Provide web details for supporting information
  • Complete our required questionnaire | survey forms e.g. for backpackers and boarding houses.  Contact our office for survey forms and to check risk requirements.
  • Submit independent surveys for high hazard and unusual risks
  • Provide us with adequate lead time to quote