Risk Appetite Matrix

The Axis Risk Matrix lists some of the more common occupations that we underwrite. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact our team of underwriters for a tailored solution to your general insurance need.

For occupations with a phone icon, please call 03 8660 7000 for more information.

Property Liability
Adult products/sex shops
Agricultural equipment
Air Compressors
Alarm equipment – fire & burglary alarms
Aluminium goods NOC
Aluminium windows
Amusement equipment
Artificial flowers
Artificial jewellery
Asian restaurants
Auctioneers sale rooms
Auto mechanical workshops
Auto panel repair workshops – excluding safety critical parts
Property Liability
Bacon & smoked meat – no processed meat
Bearings manufacturing
Bed and breakfast
Bedding and mattresses
Billiard/snooker rooms and amusement centres
Biscuits manufacturing
Blinds and awnings
Boarding Houses
Bolts, nuts, screws, nails
Bottle shops/ liquor stores retail
Bottles and glassware
Brass and copper products
Broom, brush and mat makers
Building frames and roof trusses
Butchers wholesale
Property Liability
Cables coated and non coated
Cake manufacturing
Canvas goods manufacturing
Caravan manufacturing
Care Facilities/Specialist Disability Accommodation – Property Owner
Carpet factories
Cardboard product manufacturing
Carriers stores
Cereal and breakfast food manufacturing
Chemicals and flammable liquids < 23 deg celsius
Chemicals and flammable liquids >23 <62 deg celsius
China and crockery
Chocolate manufacturing
Clothing manufacturing and storage
Clothing factories
Coffee and tea manufacturing
Coffee roasting
Coffee shop with no or minor deep frying
Cold store operators
Computer hardware including minor servicing
Confectionery manufacturing
Control panels
Conveyor belts
Cordial and soft drink manufacturing
Cotton goods manufacturing
Courier and parcel depots
Curtain manufacturing
Property Liability
Dairy products including cheese
Display homes
Door and windows
Drapery and manchester
Dried fruit
Property Liability
Earthenware and terracotta
Edible oil processing or storage
Electrical equipment – heavy
Electro-plating works including galvanising
Engineering – metal NOC
EPS/ Foam panel construction
Property Liability
Farm produce and farm supplies stores
Fibreglass products
Fishmongers and seafood
Flexible hoses
Floor coverings
Food processing
Frozen foods
Fruit and vegetable processing
Fruit juice
Furniture manufacturing
Property Liability
Garbage and recycling collectors including skip hire
General engineering
Property Liability
Hide and skin processing
Hotels wooden – 50% or more timber construction
Hotels/ pubs / tavern (mainly sales of Alcohol)
Hotels, 4 and 5 Star, Accommodation
Property Liability
Ice cream
Importers NOC
Property Liability
Jams, sauces and pickles
Japanese restaurants
Property Liability
Karaoke bars
Knitwear and knitted garments
Property Liability
Leather goods
Leather shoe factories
Light fittings & components
Property Liability
Machinery – heavy – NOC
Markets, festivals, fairs and short term events
Mattresses and bedding manufacture
Mattresses and quilt factories
Meat boning and packing excluding contamination
Metal awnings and blinds
Motor Mechanics
Motor wreckers
Manufacturing NOC
Property Liability
Property Liability
Paint and varnish
Panel beaters
Paper bags and paper products
Pasta products
Pawn broker shops
Pet food manufacturing
Picture frames
Pillows and quilts
Pizza shops
Plastic bags
Plastic blow moulding
Plastic coating
Plastic factories – extrusion, injection moulding, blow moulding
Plastic factories – film blow moulding
Plastic film
Plastic laminating
Plumbing supplies
Plywood and veneer
Polystyrene foam
Polyurethane foam
Poultry processing
Powder coating
Powdered milk
Pre-fab timber frames and trusses
Printers – flammable inks
Printers – non flammable inks
Property Owners – Backpackers
Property Owners – Boarding/Guest Houses
Property Owners – Hotels and Taverns
Property Owners – Mixed Tenancy (Residential & Commercial)
Property Owners – Motels
Property Owners – Nightclubs and Bars
Property Owners – Reception/ Function Centres
Property Owners – Tattoo Parlours
Pumps and pump equipment
Property Liability
Reception/ Function Centres
Refrigerated storage
Restaurants with no or minor deep frying
Restaurants with deep frying
Retailers NOC
Rubber goods excluding Latex Gloves, Condoms
Property Liability
Saw mills
Service stations, fuel sales with or without convenience stores
Sheet metal goods
Shop fitters
Shopping Centres – Rated on rent revenue
Ski lodges
Small goods and sausages
Snack foods
Snowfield apartments and accommodation
Specialist Disability Accommodation/Care Facilities – Property Owner
Sporting complexes
Squash, indoor cricket and tennis centres
Solar panels and solar water heaters – retail/wholesale
Solar panels – farms
Stock feed
Student accommodation
Surfboards and surf skis
Switchboards and related equipment
Property Liability
Take away with no deep frying
Takeaway with deep frying
Tattoo Parlours – Property Owners only
Textile manufacturing
Timber and hardware wholesale and retail with no major timber cutting
Timber frames and trusses (pre-fab)
Timber processing – cutting and planing
Tools – non-power hand tools
Tools – powered hand tools
Tyre retreading
Tyre wholesale
Property Liability
Property Liability
Vacant commercial buildings
Property Liability
Wadding / Upholstery Supplies
Waste paper processing
Waste paper recycling
Waste plastic recycling
Waste textile recycling
Wine bars
Wooden blinds
Wooden box and crate
Woodworking with upholstery
Woodworking with no upholstery
Wool and yarn products
Wholesaling NOC