Rental affordability is an increasing issue in Australia’s major cities, which is driving a rapid increase in the number of boarding and/or rooming houses. Axis’ underwriters are seeing new purpose built rooming houses starting to appear in some major cities.

Finding a market to insure boarding and rooming houses, however, is proving difficult for brokers. Many domestic and Landlords Insurers will not cover these properties as they fall outside of their underwriting guidelines/risk appetite.

As one of Australia’s leading markets for high hazard and hard to place risks, Axis is one of the few markets who insure both property and liability for boarding and rooming houses and student accommodation properties.

Backed by Lloyd’s of London, who is world renowned as the first to insure emerging, unusual and complex risks; our risk appetite enables us to assist insurance brokers more than ever before.

Axis’ underwriters have seen a big increase in the number of quotations and covers placed in recent months and are ready to assist you with quotes for these shared accommodation risks.

For assistance, please get in touch with our office and our underwriters will send you the relevant documentation to assess your risk.