Good news for property owners looking to insure tattoo parlours

Following the widely publicised spate of bikie related arson attacks and other malicious damage events on tattoo parlours, insurance for tattoo parlours and property owners with tattoo tenants has become very difficult to obtain with few insurers prepared to insure them.

By |Axis, Feature, Property|January 30, 2014

Lloyd’s of London commends Axis Underwriting results

Following meetings in London in December, Axis is poised to announce renewal of its Binding Authority Contracts for 2014.

By |Axis|January 9, 2014

Holiday season opening hours and a very Merry Xmas from the Axis team

Axis will remain open throughout the December – January holiday season, only closing for the public holidays. Our underwriters are here to take your calls and assess your risks so please contact them with your queries.

By |Axis, Feature|December 19, 2013

Axis Launches Legal Expenses

Axis is pleased to announce the launch of a Legal Expenses product tailored specifically for Doctors and Dentists.

The product covers legal expenses for a wide range of contingencies including employee disputes, disputes arising from commercial contracts, tax audit and partnership disputes.

By |Axis, Feature, Products|December 13, 2013

Axis in negotiations to expand underwriting facilities with Lloyd’s of London

Managing Director of Axis Underwriting Services, Gary Dawson, is traveling to London tomorrow for meetings with Underwriters from Lloyd’s of London over the next two weeks.

By |Axis, Feature, Industry News|November 20, 2013

Bed and Breakfast feel the burn in lead up to bushfire season

The Bushfire Co-operative Research Centre has warned that large areas of south-eastern and south-western Australia face above normal fire risk this bushfire season.

By |Axis, Feature, Property|November 14, 2013

Australian Insurance Industry Award Winners announced

Last night, The Australian Insurance Industry Awards were held in Sydney to honour the achievements of companies and individuals within the Australian insurance market throughout the previous year.

Axis Underwriting is honoured to have been named as a finalist for the 2013 Underwriting Agency of the Year and we would like to extend our warmest congratulations to Brooklyn Underwriting, who were deserving winners on the night.

By |Axis, Feature, Industry News|August 15, 2013

New South Wales Fire Services Levy Update – Effective 28th July 2013

Axis Underwriting has determined that the New South Wales Fire Services Levy (FSL) should be revised and the following new rates will be implemented with effect from 28 July 2013.

Victorian Fire Service Levy Reform – Effective 1st July 2013

From 1 July 2013 the levy on insurers (FSL) will transfer to a property based levy to be collected through council rates and will no longer form part of your insurance premium.

Victorian Fire Service Levy Update – Effective 28th June 2013

Axis Underwriting has determined that Metropolitan and Country Fire Authority FSL charges should be revised and the following new rates will be implemented with effect from 28 June, 2013:-