Severe bushfires are still burning close to Melbourne in conditions the CFA describe as the worst since Black Saturday five years ago. At least 18 fires are still burning in Victoria and at least 34 homes have been destroyed across the state.

The Mickleham Road fire just north of Melbourne has already burnt through more than 20,000 hectares and destroyed at least 15 homes along with sheds, equipment and livestock.

The Melbourne bushfires and recent bushfires near Perth and in the Blue Mountains near Sydney are salient reminders of the current severe bush-fire danger.

As well as having a detailed fire plan, clients need to be adequately insured to cover the cost of rebuilding to the new fire building standards, which will be considerably higher than reinstatement to the previous building code.

Axis does not insure homes but does insure commercial properties, bed & breakfast and hospitality properties across Australia, including bushfire areas.

Underwriting Manager Jeff Campbell said, “We welcome broker enquiries but because of increased demand in some bushfire areas, our available capacity is starting to become limited.”

If your clients have been impacted by bushfires please contact us and we will ensure that they receive urgent attention and emergency payments if required.